Asking $1/each for paperback books and $2/each for hardcover books. All in mint condition. I check emails multiple times a day so you'll get a fairly quick response.

John Grisham:
The Innocent Man (hardcover)
The Street Lawyer (hardcover)
The Firm (hardcover)
The Last Juror (hardcover)
Skipping Christmas (hardcover)
A Painted House (hardcover)
Playing For Pizza (hardcover)
The Partner (hardcover)
The Chamber (hardcover)
The Brethren (hardcover)
The Broker (hardcover)
The Pelican Brief (hardcover)
The King Of Torts (hardcover)
The Testament (hardcover)
The Rainmaker (hardcover)
The Summons (hardcover)
Ford County Stories (hardcover)
The Runaway Jury (hardcover)
The Client (hardcover)
Bleachers (hardcover)
The Appeal (hardcover)
A Time To Kill (hardcover)
Dana Fuller Ross:
Wagons West Series books 1-15, 16-20, 24
Robert E. Wall:
The Canadians Series books 1, 3
John Sandford:
Mind Prey (paperback)
Eyes Of Prey (hardcover)
Winter Prey (hardcover)
Chosen Prey (hardcover)
The Hanged Man's Son (hardcover)
Broken Prey (hardcover)
Naked Prey (hardcover)
Mind Prey (hardcover)
Invisible Prey (hardcover)
Easy Prey (hardcover)
Mortal Prey (hardcover)
Storm Prey (hardcover)
Sudden Prey (hardcover)
Night Prey(hardcover)
Hidden Prey (hardcover)
Secret Prey (hard cover)
Certain Prey (hardcover)
The Devil's Cod (hardcover)
Frank McCourt:
Angela's Ashes (paperback)
Teacher Man (hardcover)
James Patterson
Worst Case (hardcover)
Beach Road (paperback)
Lawrence Sanders
- McNally's Bluff (paperback)
- The Seventh Commandment (paperback)
- McNally's Gamble (paperback)
Andrew Vachss
Hard Candy (hardcover)
Batman, The Ultimate Evil (hardcover)
Shella (hardcover)
Strega (hardcover)
Blosson (paperback)
Flood (paperback)
Sacrifice (paperback)
Blue Belle (paperback)
Ken Follett - The Hammer of Eden (paperback)
Tami Hoag - The Alibi Man (paperback)
Michael Palmer - Silent Treatment (paperback)
Johnathan Kellerman ? Deception (paperback)
Harlan Coben - The Final Detail (paperback)
Dean Koontz - The Husband (paperback)
Jan Burke ? Nine (paperback)